Application Process

How To Apply

Please read through all of the information to find the application, program commitment form, & 2024-2025 program calendar.  Note, the two-day Opening Retreat is required to be in full attendance to participate.


The purpose of LTC is to develop informed, connected, and engaged community leaders. The program is designed to assist participants in acquiring a broad understanding of the complex issues facing the South Puget Sound region and building relationships that will facilitate collaborative efforts to embrace opportunities and resolve challenges.

Leadership Thurston County is a program of the Thurston County Chamber Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) educational, non-profit organization. Since 1994, 874 people have completed the program.


Leadership Thurston County applicants are highly motivated, current and emerging leaders, who are committed to civic involvement and intend to assume key leadership roles. Applicants must live or work in Thurston County. A maximum of 48 people participate in the class each year, and we strive to recruit class members who reflect the diversity of our community.  We do only allow one representative per organization per class year.


Leadership Thurston County does not discriminate against applicants or participants based on race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability.


Tuition for the 2024-2025 year is $2700 and due August 5, 2024 for those who are selected into the program (unless a written payment plan is agreed upon by this time).  As a program of the Thurston County Chamber Foundation, we do our best to off-set the cost of tuition for all participants.  Many thanks to our Sustaining Trustees, we are able to give all participants the lowest rate possible as your tuition only covers about 60% of the program operating costs; therefore, we do not have any scholarships for LTC at this time.


The 10-month program will begin in September 2024 and ends in June 2025. The class meets monthly (two days in September) for daylong Challenge Days (8am-5pm) that focus on specific topics. The curriculum is experience-based and explores issues affecting our community through meetings and discussions with established leaders, site visits, individual projects and other activities.  Full participation and engagement is expected of all class members.

In the event that we are not able to meet in-person, we will meet virtually via Zoom.  The schedule of the program days will not change, but the hours may within the day.  We will follow the guidance of the Thurston County Health Department.

Attendance & Expectations

Challenge Days are designed to be complementary to each other; you are expected to attend all sessions, actively participate, and complete homework assignments.  The 2-day Opening Retreat is required to participate in the program.  You may miss up to 18-hours* of class and graduate from the program at the discretion of the LTC Board.  As an experience based program, missing more than 18-hours would prevent you from graduating.  *Equivalent to two full program days.

How to apply

  1. Note the calendar days and double-check you are available for the 2-day Opening Retreat.
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. Submit the Program Commitment to

Waiting list only at this time as the class of 2025 has been selected.

Important Materials

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2024-2025 Calendar

Suggested to mark your calendar of these days, 8am-5pm, when you apply & verify you can attend the required 2-day Opening Retreat

Program Commitment Application

Print, sign, and return to complete your application.

Contact Us

Administration Office
809 Legion Way / Olympia, WA 98501
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PO Box 1427 / Olympia, WA 98507
Phone: 360.357.8515
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Additional Information

For further information, please contact Alisha Blain-Warner, Director, at 360.357.8515 or send an email.