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What IS leadership thurston county (LTC)?

The purpose of LTC is to develop informed, connected, and engaged community leaders. The program is designed to assist participants in acquiring a broad understanding of the complex issues facing the South Puget Sound region and building relationships that will facilitate collaborative efforts to embrace opportunities and resolve challenges.

Leadership Thurston County is a program of the Thurston County Chamber Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) educational, non-profit organization. Since 1994, over 795 people have completed the program.


To develop informed, skilled and committed community leadership representative of the area's diverse citizens.


Leadership Thurston County is a healthy, sustainable and recognized member of the community, working with others to develop civic leadership.


The program was established to develop community leaders. It is a local program created specifically for our community and designed to help participants:

  • Acquire knowledge and a broad understanding of the complex issues facing South Sound.
  • Build relationships for collaborative efforts needed to resolve challenges.
  • Enhance leadership skills through experiences with community leaders and other activities during the year.

Leadership Thurston County is designed to:

  • Identify and recruit highly motivated emerging and current leaders to participate in the program.
  • Inform, challenge and engage participants about the opportunities and needs of the community.
  • Develop interpersonal relationships and an esprit de corps among the participants.
  • Create a dialogue and rapport among participants and community leaders.
  • Assist in identifying opportunities for community involvement.

Desired Outcomes

At the completion of Leadership Thurston County, graduates will demonstrate:


Graduates will have an attitude of willingness to serve beyond self-interest with a perspective that includes future generations.


Graduates will have enhanced their natural competencies in leadership roles and understand different aspects of leadership, power and personal styles.


Graduates will gain understanding of selected issues relevant to Thurston County and the South Puget Sound region from a variety of perspectives.


Graduates will seek opportunities to act as trustees in areas of interest.

Leadership Thurston County Statement

Leadership Thurston County shall be nonpartisan, non-sectarian, and non-political. The words "non-political" and "nonpartisan" shall be construed to mean solely that the Leadership Thurston County program shall not engage in any activity favoring or opposing any issue, proposal or the election of any candidate for office, or political party, group or faction. (Excerpted from Bylaws adopted by the Board of Regents)


The Leadership Thurston County Board of Regents oversees the program and sets the curriculum and represent a broad spectrum of the community.

Kelly Green, Chair 
South Puget Sound Community College

Kim Steepy, Past Chair 
TwinStar Credit Union

Patty Belmonte
Hands on Children's Museum

Jean Carr
SCJ Alliance

Leonor Fuller
Fuller & Fuller Attorneys (Retired)

Jeff Gadman
Thurston County Treasurer

Farra Hayes
The Evergreen State College

Shirley Jones
T&S Cleaning

Matt Kennelly
LOTT Clean Water Alliance

Cecelia Loveless
Saint Martin's University

David Schaffert
Thurston County Chamber of Commerce

Jon Tunheim
Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney

Rick Walk
City of Lacey

linda and joseph 2


In 1992, 16 community leaders convened to lay the foundation for the future of leadership in Thurston County. Their objective was to develop a renewable pool of informed, skilled and engaged civic leaders committed to making the South Sound a great place to live, work and play. The result was Leadership Thurston County, a program of the Thurston County Chamber Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Beginning with first Class of 1994, LTC graduates have forged a community legacy. They serve as executives in their workplaces, board members of charitable and civic organizations, public officials, and community volunteers. Although they come from a variety of backgrounds, they share a passion and commitment for improving our community.

Founding Members

Linda Buckner, Chair

Joseph Beaulieu

Lynn Brunton

Rex Derr

Justice Jim Dolliver

Nancy Hoff

Gene Liddell

Bob Lovely

Kenneth Minneart

Ron Rants

Charles Shelan

Vernon Stoner

Joe Taller

Ellen Vaughn

Neil Woody

Dan Yerrington