Program Format

Leadership Thurston County (LTC) is a community driven, experience based leadership development program. Each year’s class consists of a maximum of 40 participants who come from private businesses, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and as interested community members.

Typically, participants collectively are involved with more than a hundred different organizations. LTC runs from September through June and includes an opening and closing retreat, monthly daylong sessions called Challenge Days, and individual and group projects that are completed outside of class time. The curriculum is carefully designed to reflect the interrelationships of issues and to develop knowledge of community leadership.

The monthly challenge days are planned by the Board of Regents Curriculum Committee, graduates of the previous year’s class and the program coordinator. They focus on a different topic each month and include education, business and economic development, government, health and human services, art and culture, law and justice, and the environment. Topics are explored through speakers, discussion groups, field visits and homework. Participants gain insight into how community decisions are made, who makes them and what alters and influences these decisions.

Program Benefits

Through LTC, the community gains a knowledgeable, motivated pool of potential executives, directors, managers, public officials and volunteers. Participants learn about local issues, explore ways to get involved and make life-long friends and professional connections.

The Year after Graduation

Involvement in LTC the year after graduation is an important part of the program. Graduates have an opportunity to help plan a Challenge Day or contribute to the program in a variety of ways. During the year, grads are able to build connections and relationships with the incoming LTC class, enhance their community knowledge, and work with people from their class.

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