2019 LTC Grad

December 18, 2019

“My connections with my classmates made it fun but I also felt like I made a number of connections for professional resources.  The more I learned about what they did the more empowered I felt as a professional to understand this community as a whole.  I love that we were able to personally assess ourselves as a leader in the beginning as well to understand our personal leadership style.  The personal assessment was greatly insightful.  The activity in which we had to pick a picture was one of the most introspective moments I had starting this class.  I chose a man jumping off a cliff while others watched on the cliff.  Ironically, the person next to me picked the same picture and we immediately connected.  It was in that moment that I realized that I have the strength to make things happen and to lead change.  Sometimes it’s easy to lose site of our strengths.  Just go for it!  The topics were spot on each challenge day in order to achieve leadership growth.  The wide variety of speakers and site visits made it greatly well rounded. ” – 2019 LTC Grad