Six-Word Stories

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in six words. He came back with, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” 

Since the class of 2013, LTC graduates have been summarizing their year long experience in 6-word stories. Here are some of their stories:

  • Why I do what I do.
  • Change is necessary, learn from it.
  • Be open to new ideas/experiences.
  • What an incredible experience.  Thank you.
  • Incredible community forever changed get involved.
  • Leadership takes courage to understand others.
  • Get involved to improve the community.
  • Future LTC leaders listen learn lead.
  • Leaders must have a strong network.
  • Know your audience and listen carefully.
  • Very humble open minded hard working
  • Leaders thrive by lifting their communities.
  • LTC adapted overcame and stayed connected.
  • Intentional leadership evolves and grows daily.
  • Build communities that flourish equally.
  • Continuous learner problem solver team member.
  • Listen, learn, act: Leadership Thurston County.
  • Listen carefully, be intentional, take risks.
  • Working together, leaders inspire shinning light.
  • Community reflection shows way – lead on!
  • Come to learn, lead by example.
  • Strong leaders can make big change.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes, team.
  • Consistently surround yourself with other leaders.
  • Community tours: meaningful involvement, friendship & compassion.
  • Ignorance evolves into roots and wings.
  • Learn to lead amidst changing culture.
  • Real lasting change happens in community.
  • Challenge.  Unlearn.  Listen.  Learn.  Be better.
  • Thurston County citizens deserve committee leaders.
  • Always walk the talk with Integrity.
  • Built and enhanced relationships, knowledge, leadership.
  • Can't wait for Alumni Social happyhour! 
  • Communities are the bridge to wealth.
  • Community health is our community wealth
  • Community involvement, economic development, healthy arts
  • Community, everyone must play a part.
  • Discover cool things about our community.
  • I came to learn and grow.
  • I love LTC so very much!
  • I love to make people smile.
  • It really does take a village.
  • Keep Moving, Keep Changing, Move Forward
  • Lead through actions, not just words.
  • Leaders can hold various career positions.
  • Leadership is about lifting people up.
  • Leadership is determination, dedication, and discipline.
  • Leadership is values, trust, and clarity.
  • Leadership makes potential become a reality.
  • Leadership Thurston County Rocks.  Mic Drop!
  • Leadership.  Mentorship.  Cultivating a sustainable community.
  • Leads with passion integrity communication compassion
  • Learn zealously, lead thoughtfully, connect graceiously.
  • Learning, connecting, and envisioning the future.
  • Listened, shared and became more educated.
  • Lived here forever, never knew that!
  • My perspectives expanded in unexpected ways.
  • Opportunities to exercise leadership exist everywhere.
  • Our leaders: care, learn, give, reflect.
  • Passion Growth Community Connection Friendship & Fun
  • Personal growth, community awareness, opened mind.
  • Relationships and partnerships overcome complex problems.
  • Strengthening Thurston County involves many disciplines
  • Supportative Interested Creative Compassionate Engage Problem-Solver
  • Surround yourself with talented people - community
  • Thurston County thriving, I am greatful.
  • We are connected by our scars.
  • Now I know, Involved I'll go
  • Leadership comes in many forms, all important
  • LTC Sparks Connections with our Community
  • Invited, accepted, immersed, challenged, educated, changed
  • Without Communication there is no Community
  • Leadership Motto: It's All About Relationships
  • Classmates are a joy to know!
  • Pocket Gophers: Never seen, forever scorned.
  • Put Devices Down, Reconnect with Nature
  • Eyes opened.  Relationships formed.  Insight gained.
  • Come Wonder, Learn Greatly, Leave Educated.
  • Learn and engage in  your community
  • Connections between the known and unknown
  • Great place.  Great people.  Great expectations.
  • Real Leadership is serving your community
  • Find your Rubicon, then move beyond.
  • Big Table.  All Perspectives.  Listen.  Share.
  • Service with integrity builds strong communities.
  • Learning, Growing for a stronger county.
  • Seek knowledge, Show compassion, Share stories
  • Problems solved with caring and money.
  • Our future: brighter than the present.
  • Can I be Alisha's groupie, please?
  • Leadership Thurston County is the best.
  • Doors opened, eyes opened, looking ahead.
  • Hope. Servant Leadership. Critical Thinking.  Community
  • Community leaders, building relationships, making impact
  • I grew, learned, met and bonded.
  • I was blind, I now see
  • Community leadership, resilience matters more now.
  • We are all in this together!
  • Applied. Accepted. Listened. Learned. Applying growth.
  • Six words don't work for me
  • Be open to learn and grow.
  • Explore the unknown beyond your bubble.
  • Leadership was, Leadership is, the key.
  • Thurston County, wow, such amazing opportunities!
  • Where there is hope, there's hope.

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