Six-Word Stories

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in six words. He came back with, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” 

Since the class of 2013, LTC graduates have been summarizing their year long experience in 6-word stories. Here are some of their stories:

  • Why I do what I do.
  • Change is necessary, learn from it.
  • Be open to new ideas/experiences.
  • What an incredible experience.  Thank you.
  • Incredible community forever changed get involved.
  • Leadership takes courage to understand others.
  • Get involved to improve the community.
  • Future LTC leaders listen learn lead.
  • Leaders must have a strong network.
  • Know your audience and listen carefully.
  • Very humble open minded hard working
  • Leaders thrive by lifting their communities.
  • LTC adapted overcame and stayed connected.
  • Intentional leadership evolves and grows daily.
  • Build communities that flourish equally.
  • Continuous learner problem solver team member.
  • Listen, learn, act: Leadership Thurston County.
  • Listen carefully, be intentional, take risks.
  • Working together, leaders inspire shinning light.
  • Community reflection shows way – lead on!
  • Come to learn, lead by example.
  • Strong leaders can make big change.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes, team.
  • Consistently surround yourself with other leaders.
  • Community tours: meaningful involvement, friendship & compassion.
  • Ignorance evolves into roots and wings.
  • Learn to lead amidst changing culture.
  • Real lasting change happens in community.
  • Challenge.  Unlearn.  Listen.  Learn.  Be better.
  • Thurston County citizens deserve committee leaders.
  • Always walk the talk with Integrity.
  • Built and enhanced relationships, knowledge, leadership.
  • Can't wait for Alumni Social happyhour! 
  • Communities are the bridge to wealth.
  • Community health is our community wealth
  • Community involvement, economic development, healthy arts
  • Community, everyone must play a part.
  • Discover cool things about our community.
  • I came to learn and grow.
  • I love LTC so very much!
  • I love to make people smile.
  • It really does take a village.
  • Keep Moving, Keep Changing, Move Forward
  • Lead through actions, not just words.
  • Leaders can hold various career positions.
  • Leadership is about lifting people up.
  • Leadership is determination, dedication, and discipline.
  • Leadership is values, trust, and clarity.
  • Leadership makes potential become a reality.
  • Leadership Thurston County Rocks.  Mic Drop!
  • Leadership.  Mentorship.  Cultivating a sustainable community.
  • Leads with passion integrity communication compassion
  • Learn zealously, lead thoughtfully, connect graceiously.
  • Learning, connecting, and envisioning the future.
  • Listened, shared and became more educated.
  • Lived here forever, never knew that!
  • My perspectives expanded in unexpected ways.
  • Opportunities to exercise leadership exist everywhere.
  • Our leaders: care, learn, give, reflect.
  • Passion Growth Community Connection Friendship & Fun
  • Personal growth, community awareness, opened mind.
  • Relationships and partnerships overcome complex problems.
  • Strengthening Thurston County involves many disciplines
  • Supportative Interested Creative Compassionate Engage Problem-Solver
  • Surround yourself with talented people - community
  • Thurston County thriving, I am greatful.
  • We are connected by our scars.
  • Now I know, Involved I'll go
  • Leadership comes in many forms, all important
  • LTC Sparks Connections with our Community
  • Invited, accepted, immersed, challenged, educated, changed
  • Without Communication there is no Community
  • Leadership Motto: It's All About Relationships
  • Classmates are a joy to know!
  • Pocket Gophers: Never seen, forever scorned.
  • Put Devices Down, Reconnect with Nature
  • Eyes opened.  Relationships formed.  Insight gained.
  • Come Wonder, Learn Greatly, Leave Educated.
  • Learn and engage in  your community
  • Connections between the known and unknown
  • Great place.  Great people.  Great expectations.
  • Real Leadership is serving your community
  • Find your Rubicon, then move beyond.
  • Big Table.  All Perspectives.  Listen.  Share.
  • Service with integrity builds strong communities.
  • Learning, Growing for a stronger county.
  • Seek knowledge, Show compassion, Share stories
  • Problems solved with caring and money.
  • Our future: brighter than the present.
  • Can I be Alisha's groupie, please?
  • Leadership Thurston County is the best.
  • Doors opened, eyes opened, looking ahead.
  • Hope. Servant Leadership. Critical Thinking.  Community
  • Community leaders, building relationships, making impact
  • I grew, learned, met and bonded.
  • I was blind, I now see
  • Community leadership, resilience matters more now.
  • We are all in this together!
  • Applied. Accepted. Listened. Learned. Applying growth.
  • Six words don't work for me
  • Be open to learn and grow.
  • Explore the unknown beyond your bubble.
  • Leadership was, Leadership is, the key.
  • Thurston County, wow, such amazing opportunities!
  • Where there is hope, there's hope.

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"I had heard so many positive comments from others about the LTC that I had to do this for myself!  It was so worth it for me, my company and I plan to share with others.  LTC allowed me the opportunity to see the inner-workings of so many other companies located and thriving within Thurston County.  This will allow me to continue the see the “bigger picture” and create more opportunities for our staff and company!" - 2020 LTC Grad

June 24, 2020